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Alberta Statehood Party
Alberta Statehood Party
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The Alberta Statehood Party is a provincial party.

The party's aim is clear: 'To secede from Canada, seeking statehood in USA.'

ASP political website:

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Bumpsy updated a day ago
ABSP BOARD PRESIDENT'S TRIP TO MAR A LAGO 917 SOCIETY CONVENTION APRIL 8--13, 2021 (Download the pdf ) I was privileged and honored to attend the 917 Society luncheon at the Mar a Lago resort on April 10, 2021... (More)
Bumpsy updated 2 days ago
ALBERTA STATEHOOD PARTY (ABSP) DATABASE ENTRY OF THE WEEK ANDERSON: Albertans must stand against Kenney’s third lockdown OR The party needs you assistance! Help us become an official provincial party. Download, sign, and mail the Elector Petition. (More)
Bumpsy updated 4 days ago
ALBERTA STATEHOOD PARTY (ABSP) INTERIM BOARD MEETING MINUTES EXTRACTS FROM 21 MAR 2021 1. President Larry Semeniuk was able to reserve both our party name and abbreviation (ABSP) with Elections Alberta. We are now officially in a race to gain... (More)
Bumpsy updated 6 days ago
Benjamin Eble to The 51st State Alberta Statehood Party BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! INTERIM PRESIDENT Larry Semeniuk IS AT MAR LAGO NOW FOR CONSTITUTION DAY, 10 Apr 2021! We hope to soon hear a report of how things went at the event!... (More)