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Freedom of Religion - Our Faith is Essential
Freedom of Religion - Our Faith is Essential
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This group is for people who believe faith is essential and places of worship for all faiths should be open and operate in a safe manner. 

We will organize by state, we will mobilize to gain support from the decision makers or the courts to re-open places of worship. We welcome faith leaders, believers of all religions, elected leaders, decision makers and anyone who supports Freedom of religion in America and throughout the world. 

After you join, put up a comment even if it is just to say "Hello" and choose to add your state using the "Add topic". 

Thank you for your support. Anyone who joins the group to be disruptive, or promotes violence, or is not participating in the mission of the group will be asked to leave. This is a group for unity on our goal of reopening houses of worship, not to debate the different faiths.

The content in this group can be shared with friends even if they don't belong to CloutHub. 

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