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Holland Computer Solutions
Holland Computer Solutions
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Holland Computer Solutions

2814 B Stadium Drive Phenix City, AL 36867



Founded in 2003, Holland Computer Solutions is the Chattahoochee Valley's premier computer service provider.


Holland Computer Solutions sells a variety of hardware and software to meet the various needs of our clients. The majority of hardware and software we sell is related to a service or services we are or will be providing. At Holland Computuer Solutions we make an effort to sell only the most compatible hardware and software possible. Some of the hardware and software we sell include, but are not limited to: network interfaces, network routers and switches, network servers, network workstations, accounting software, computer security software, and office software.


Holland Computer Solutions is primarily a service oriented company that specializes in Consulting, Installations, Networking, Repairs and Web Sites. Some more specific examples include, but are not limited to:

* Computer Repair,

* Network Troubleshooting & Repair,

* New Computer & Network Installation,

* Wireless Networking,

* Technology Consulting,

* Upgrades,

* & Web Site Design.

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