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Justice For All is...

  • What every Loyal American pledges allegiance to serve as Government By the People when we Vote, sit as Juror, or Help law enforcement.
  • Consistent with America's first national Ruling law, which in modern English is "that All Mankind were Created Politically Equal".
  • Consistent with Glorifying God by doing "Love your neighbor as yourself" and "Love the aliens among you as yourself" (Leviticus 19:18 & 34)
  • Threatened when truth necessary for Our proper governing is limited or twisted.
  • The dedicated unswerving goal of Everyone participating earnestly with this networking group.

To be clear, All includes anyone under American law with identifiably human DNA regardless what they may look like, believe, or what legal status they may have. 

TimMc-Liberty updated 4 months ago

Capitol Protest Jan 6th : What Happened?

The US Constitution

Article II puts state Legislators entirely over state elections, yes as Jenna Ellis says for, state legislators determine what electors represent that state result.

The 12th Amendment puts final authority about the upcoming President in... (More)

TimMc-Liberty updated 5 months ago
INTRODUCTION as of 2101-01-27 - Your Moderator is a US Navy Vietnam veteran, retired IT director, software developer, customer support guy, and internet researcher. Since 1992 I became a huge fan of the Declaration of Independence, US Constitution, and history... (More)
TimMc-Liberty updated 5 months ago

I believe the purpose for this social group is clear. Next I need to setup information to be shared. If you have ideas about how to CloutHub groups let's dialog about that here.