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Precinct Committeeman Strategy
Precinct Committeeman Strategy
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If you are ready to join the approximately 100,000 conservatives who are "in" the Republican Party apparatus, out of about 200,000 total, and fill all of the approximately 200,000 vacant slots, to change our Party from a half-strength, ideologically-split Party, into a full-strength Party with a 75% conservative voting majority, then this is where you can learn how to do that.  Go to to learn more.  We CAN takeover the Republican Party IF enough conservatives will ACT.  These precinct committeeman positions are volunteer and have been rightly called "The Most Powerful Position in the World." You are needed and you can do this.

ColdWarrior1978 updated 13 days ago
Here are a few links to recent interviews: June 8, 2021 with law professor David Clements (1 hour): June 7, 2021 with John Fredericks (13 minutes): June 1, 2021 promotional video for created by May... (More)
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AZ LD 15 RINO “Leaders” Don’t Like Deplorables—Take Their Ball And Go Home

It’s what RINOs do. Sometimes they reveal who they really are.

ColdWarrior1978 updated 20 days ago
ColdWarrior1978 updated 21 days ago
My new friends and cohorts at Zero Media created this one-minute promotional video for and The Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman Strategy. If you can't see it here, here's a link to it on Rumble: Please promote! Thanks, Dan