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This Group will be for Serious Qanon followers, If you are looking for a place to post other than Q info. Do not apply. Please post your favorite content creators links, like Praying medic, X22Report, Redpill78, etc.. We will start out Public and later move to Private or Secrete, in order to purge the roles of Photo bombers and useless Twitter posts. ThankQ 

madG-PA33 liked 4 months ago
Dear Dana White,
We all know that if you unleashed the lightweight division on those BLM a$$ hats, that would be PLENTY. But could you send the heavyweights too anyway?
pkrzystof liked 3 months ago
WWG1WGA – It is truly powerful. But for those of you who think that is militant in some way, let me assure of something: When we assemble @ Schools & City Council Meetings to provide safety to good parents, to... (More)
PLC21 liked 4 months ago
STAND BEHIND any Patriot that you see in need. Do not leave them hanging. If you were in need, wouldn’t you want a group of Patriots to walk up and stand behind you?
madG-PA33 liked 4 months ago
Just when I thought my set up was good.....