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CloutHub updated 6 hours ago
Watched War Room today Episode 778 Finally Border Crisis front and Center! Over million illegals expected by April/May! 107 Illegals were put on buses to W. Virginia Covid infected illegals so our Country can get ready to close down Again!... (More)
CloutHub updated 11 hours ago
Washington says half the country are domestic terrorists - cracks me up. Call me a racist and my response is, “yes I am, thank you.” Call me a domestic terrorist, “yes I am, thank you.” You get it? Just agree... (More)
BDW123 commented 4 hours ago
The Supreme Court Justices are more afraid of the Democratic Military camps of BLM and Antifa than to revue simple election fraud results that might save the country. The violence on the streets is very much the result of the... (More)
CloutHub updated 13 hours ago
71 More Monsters Off The Street = Families And Loved Ones Can Sleep A Little Easier At Night