Fear is something we all face. Fear is faith in reverse.
I once read that the phrase ''do not be fear'' is written in the Bible 365 times. That is a daily reminder from God to live everyday fearless.
That is especially important during this coronavirus pandemic where fear is fueled every day by what we watch and hear on the television or read in the newspaper. Today’s news media - and I use the word news very loosely - thrives on spreading fear into our minds.
Then, the media is salivating at the mouth as we are on the brink of new presidential term that is filled with uncertainty, corruption, lies, lack of ethics, hate , vindictiveness, skepticism, many unanswered questions, and a lot of unknowns - all recipes for more fear.
The number of news stories designed to make us fearful far outnumber those that foster faith and a positive attitude.
Thank goodness God’s Word has other more powerful messages for us to believe and have faith in.
2 Timothy 1:7 says, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”
There are a bunch of fears out there.
Extreme fear is known as a phobia and there are a bunch of those too, including the common ones like: fear of death, loneliness, people, authority, commitment, heights, germs, closed-in spaces, airplanes rides, snakes, failure, rejection, being laughed at.
The list goes on.
There is even something called phobaphobia, which is the fear of being afraid or the fear of fear.
Fear is actually having faith in the devil, not God whether we know it or not.
Fear can actually make us physically sick - or at least you think you are.
If we are afraid of something and desire to be free, the time will eventually come when we'll have to face our fear and not run away from it.
Today, are we ready to face our fear head - on with the helping hand of God's faith, his promises, his power.
We have that choice.
Choose faith, not fear.
Be blessed.