I can't say enough about this platform that will be THE place to be over LinkedIn. I've been banned twice from LinkedIn for no reason other than they disagree with the facts I presented. Yes, facts. I asked them to provide me with "their" facts but of course received NO information.

We hear all about FB, Youtube, and Twitter banning individuals but trust me, thousands of people are losing ALL their contacts and business connections on LinkedIn with NO notice. Their business gone within a split-second.

I was thrilled to be introduced to a business platform that is "professional" - no spamming, no fake accounts, no weirdos sending you messages. Our Founders take business seriously and are creating a robust platform that is surpassing anything LinkedIn could offer!

I hope you'll listen in to one of the Founders Joel Wolh! They are getting ready to launch the next phase of Bizfluence!!! We are already building so many amazing relationships and supporting one another. It's only getting better!

Check out the video and COME JOIN US! You can access the platform and create your account here: https://join.bizfluenceapp.com/?ref=laurie_maxson