My new book has just been released online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble - The AR-15 Controversy: Semiautomatic Rifles and the Second Amendment (Third Brigade Press, 277 pages, ISBN 978-0578928036; NOTE: on Amazon you can search by author/title etc.; on Barnes Noble, search by ISBN). Taking a multidisciplinary approach, this book examines common assumptions about the capabilities, applications, utility, and lethality of semiautomatic rifles such as the AR-15. Informed by multiple domains including law, criminology, military doctrine, personal safety, and recreation, this book explores topics such as whether or not the AR-15 is, in fact, a "weapon of war"; whether such firearms are more lethal in the hands of criminals than other firearms; and the utility of the AR-15 and similar rifles in legitimate civilian shooting applications including self-defense, targeting shooting, competitive shooting, hunting, and collecting. Topics include firearms technology in the courts; the movement to ban the AR-15; military vs. civilian firearms; the emergence of semiautomatic firearms technology; the specific features of the AR-15 and other "assault-style" firearms; infantry combat and violent crime compared; and the prevalance of the AR-15 and similar firearms as civilian self-defense and sporting arms.