If you feed poison to someone, they may eventually become ill and possibly even die. If you TEACH poison to someone, then that teaching becomes poison to the brain and thought processes.

The leftist marxist in the United States are doing exactly that. They teach the poison of races hating one another. They teach the abomination that the police, that are sworn to uphold our safety and maintain peace in our neighborhoods, are out to do us harm. They teach that good and decent people are nothing but bigots and hate all who are different.

There is no end to the poison that permeates our country that flows from the temples of the godless left. They love being the destroyer. They love damaging the lives of good and innocent people. They love the power of hatred. The question is, will their hatred win or will we find a means of overcoming? I wish I knew. I wish I knew that we had the collective will to do so.