Reposting: Jacksonville, FL. I’m organizing a 56 pax charter bus for $137.95 RT including gratuity. Leave JAX 7PM 1/5 arrive DC 7AM 1/6. Depart DC 5PM 1/6 return JAX 5AM 1/7. No profit to me. Just doing my part.
You will need a Venmo account to pay for your ticket, or you can contact me for other payment options. Once your Venmo account is active, text me the number of seats you need.
12/28 - NO LUNCH BREAK ON THE BUS! There’s a rumor the Mayor of DC may shut the city down. Bring sammiches or other snackables for that eventuality! Also, it should go without saying that foul-weather gear (think layers) is a must. Keep an eye on the weather!
My contact info: Tel. 503-468-9625, Twitter: @CharlesHamerle. 30 seats available as of 6 PM 12/29/20.
12/29 - We can make one stop in Savannah, GA for any Georgians that want to join us.