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Sidney powell
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The flames of truth are no longer flickering, they are a Blaze. It is time for the Great and Honorable soldiers of our military to once again do their duty and “...defend OUR CONSTITUTION against ALL enemies foreign and DOMESTIC.... (More)
Over the past 4 years we have heard many great and inspiring speeches from President Donald J. Trump. I believe they will pale in comparison to what is coming today. I believe that he will be addressing the world 🌎... (More)
100 k Children annually $9.8 B US industry 20.9 M Workdwide What do the following have in common?? bill & hillary clinton john podesta steve pieczenik bh & m obama prince andrew john hastert jeff epstein pizzagate lolita express dyncorp... (More)
Constitutional Patriot
Sidney Powell:
"The Supreme Court has scheduled a conference on our cases in Wisconsin and Arizona for February 26. The trial in Michigan is already scheduled for February 19." 👏🏼