There have to be steps taken now, to get rid of Biden. If they could impeach Trump twice with little evidence. Where are the 74,000,000 people that voted for Trump? Why aren't steps being taken to remove both Biden and Harris as unamerican, and treasonist individuals that don't belong in office with what they are doing to put us all in danger of our lives? We have to get rid of Biden and Harris. Where are the conservatives? the GOP, the State Reps, the Republican Senators? Why is there no push back by the people? Where are the patriots, the warriors. I'm over 80 years old, I saw WWII, we are headed for war, and right now, as they are coming over the border to kill us. We are not going to afford to pay our taxes We are going to lose more business. Our right to religion, Our children will be burdened with inflation, taxation, and not be able to own anything. It will take us decades to climb out of this hole. We the people are letting terrorists in this country. Hold on to your guns! you're going to need them. Start now to push back before it is too late. We are losing our country right now. Don't listen to an old lady. At least read my words and think about it. and you Democrats that voted for Biden, , is this what you thought you would get? think about where Biden and Harris are taking this generation and what is in store for your children.